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Mount folders as endpoints

As of v0.9.9, NodeCG supports a nodecg.mount array in your bundle's package.json. These mount declarations are simple objects with two keys: directory and endpoint.

directory is a relative path from the root of your bundle which tells NodeCG which folder you'd like to mount as a custom endpoint.

endpoint is a URL relative to http://localhost:9090/bundles/${}/ which tells NodeCG what URL you'd like to serve your directory from (Of course, substitute localhost and 9090 with whatever host and port your NodeCG instance is configured to use).

"name": "test-bundle",
"nodecg": {
"mount": [
"directory": "custom-dir",
"endpoint": "my-mount-endpoint"

The above example will make the contents of nodecg/bundles/test-bundle/custom-dir accessible via http://localhost:9090/bundles/test-bundle/my-mount-endpoint. These endpoints behave similarly to how Express' static method serves static files from folders.

For example, if custom-dir contains a file called hello-world.html, that file can be accessed via the URL http://localhost:9090/bundles/test-bundle/my-mount-endpoint/hello-world.html.