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Migrating from 0.7 to 0.8

Breaking Changes

Replicant Change Event

Prior to NodeCG v0.8, the Replicant change handler had the following signature:

// NodeCG v0.7 and earlier
myRep.on('change', function (oldVal, newVal, changes) {});

In v0.8, newVal and oldVal have been swapped, as newVal is frequently used whereas oldVal is less frequently used.

// NodeCG v0.8 and later
myRep.on('change', function(newVal, oldVal, operations) {});

Panel Routes

Dashboard panels are now served from /panel/:bundleName/:panelFile routes. Prior to v0.8, they were served from the /panel/:bundleName/:panelName route.

This means that for a panel with the following declaration:

"name": "test",
"title": "Test Panel",
"width": 2,
"file": "panel.html"

... the route to access this panel is now /panel/test-bundle/panel.html instead of /panel/test-bundle/test.

This also affects panels served from subfolders. Previously, the following panel:

"name": "test-dialog",
"title": "Test Dialog",
"width": 2,
"file": "dialogs/test-dialog.html"

... would have been served from /panel/test-bundle/test-dialog. It is now served from /panel/test-bundle/dialogs/test-dialog.html.

If your panel or dialog is in a subfolder, you will need to update any relative links in your panel's HTML, CSS, and JS accordingly. For example, if test-dialog were importing <paper-button>, the URL it uses would have to change:

<!-- Won't work anymore. -->
<link rel="import" href="components/paper-button/paper-button.html" />

<!-- Works with the new panel routes. -->
<link rel="import" href="../components/paper-button/paper-button.html" />

Assets & Asset Categories

NodeCG v0.7.2 introduced the Uploads system. NodeCG v0.8 has renamed this system to "Assets", and introduces the concept of categories. See the [Assets tutorial]tutorial assets for more information on how to configure Assets for your bundle.