(static) waitForReplicants(replicants) โ†’ {Promise.<any>}

Lets you easily wait for a group of Replicants to finish declaring.

Returns a promise which is resolved once all provided Replicants have emitted a change event, which is indicates that they must have finished declaring.

This method is only useful in client-side code. Server-side code never has to wait for Replicants.




From a graphic or dashboard panel:

const rep1 = nodecg.Replicant('rep1');
const rep2 = nodecg.Replicant('rep2');
// You can provide as many Replicant arguments as you want,
// this example just uses two Replicants.
NodeCG.waitForReplicants(rep1, rep2).then(() => {
console.log('rep1 and rep2 are fully declared and ready to use!');
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